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VIVAAR VENEZIA is a project initiated by the curator-duo Jonas STAMPE (Sweden) and XIAO Ge (China) to coincide with the 60th Venice Art Biennale - 17.4.-24.11. 2024.

Eighteen hologram performances will be on display for the public to explore on their smartphones by scanning a QR code following the hashtags #HologramMe! #ExperienceTheFuture! Eighteen red mobile bases will be positioned in an open configuration near the Giardini boardwalk with its scenic backdrop.

Despite the uncertainties of technological experimentation with bandwidth and data, VIVAAR VENEZIA points the way to a future where the immaterial merges with the material, the invisible with the visible, and memory with presence in physical space. VIVAAR VENEZIA's human-centred approach is accentuated by the use of performance art as an up-close-and-personal experience on a human scale.

VIVAAR VENEZIA raises many questions and issues about the future of art and society that are not easy, but essential. The smartphone screens we use today will seem, if not ridiculous, then obsolete in a few years when our optics and vision will be immersed in smartglasses or smartlenses. VIVAAR VENEZIA is that of a future in the making, showing the potential of a new becoming.

Only the future can tell us about VIVAAR VENEZIA's role as a pioneering and innovative showcase of a new visual and conceptual future. Its potential and essential difference from the existing augmented reality of virtual objects, games, monsters and avatars is that it presents human beings in action demonstrating the reality based future of holograms.