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VIVAAR presents a new hybrid site-specific public art form in an exhibition that incorporates both live performance and Augmented Reality. Its double-phase visibility presents a time-limited live performance programme, followed by a holographic digital display in augmented reality of the same piece.

Two forms experienced in succession, different in aura and authenticity, yet similar in idea and execution, merging the physical and the digital through location, concept and action. 

The live performances will be scheduled in a morning (10.00-13.00) and an afternoon (14.00-17.00) programme during the professional preview of the Biennale, 17-19 April 2024, with the ongoing performances being presented simultaneously at the assigned sites.

The Augmented Reality exhibition will begin on 20 April 2024, allowing visitors to experience the performances in an augmented reality format at the sites of the previous live actions. Signage totems will be placed at each site, with a coded image that visitors can scan to gain visual access to the VIVAAR webAR platform and its volumetric video format in augmented reality, as well as further information about the artist and the work being presented.