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Jonas STAMPE & XIAO Ge, curators & founders.

Jonas Stampe, is an art historian specialising in post-war art and has been working in Beijing since 2017 as Senior Curator and Senior Researcher at the Red Brick Art Museum. He has produced and curated international performance art festivals such as Infr’Action in Sète, France (2005-2014), Live Action (2006-), Infr’Action Paris (2007-2010), Live Action New York (2009-2010), Infr’Action Venezia (2011-2017), Guangzhou Live (2010-2014) and Beijing Live (2016). Stampe has produced and curated a total of 61 international performance art events with over 450 artists from more than 59 countries, giving him an extensive international network and experience.

Xiao Ge is an artist, curator and media personality, a graduate of l’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. She co-founded as editor-in-chief Phoenix TV Art in 2014, one of China’s most influential art media, and was recently appointed director of the new art center, Phoenix Center. In 2013, Ge Xiao produced and curated ‘The Grand Canal, a major collateral exhibition to the 55th Venice Biennale, and has since curated numerous exhibitions in China and Europe.
In 2019, Xiao Ge and Jonas Stampe formed an independent curatorial duo, co-curating CHAO Art Center’s annual exhibition in Beijing, ‘Ways of Seeing’, with major works by 18 artists like Marina Abramovic, Banksy, Joseph Beuys, Alfredo Jaar, Jenny Holzer, Ulay, Guerrilla Girls, etc winning the Robb Report’s Curator of the Year Award and being shortlisted for the ART POWER 100 Curator of the Year 2019.

They have curated exhibitions together on various themes such as screen-based social media art. In addition to VIVAAR Venezia, Xiao and Stampe are currently co-curating a major retrospective exhibition of Bernar Venet, which will open at the Phoenix Center in Beijing in September 2024 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France.