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In addition to exploring the latest hologram technology, VIVAAR VENEZIA will also present an intense programme of sequential and durational live actions to be performed near the Giardini during the three-day professional preview of the Venice Biennale from 17-19 April 2024. The eighteen artists of VIVAAR LIVE presents live actions in public space in a morning and an afternoon program of short and durational pieces with physical immediacy and visual poetry.

The eighteen artists that has been invited by the curator-duo Jonas STAMPE and XIAO Ge are :

Wathiq AL-AMERI, Switzerland/Iraq

Chuyia CHIA, Malaysia / Sweden

John COURT, UK / Finland

Lilibeth CUENCA RASMUSSEN, Denmark

Saskia EDENS, Switzerland

Stein HENNINGSEN, Norway

Helinä HUKKATAIVAL, Finland

Enrique JÉZIK, Argentina / Mexico

Timna KRENN, Austria / UK

Guadalupe NEVES, Argentina

Monali MEHER, India / Netherlands

Siobhan MULLEN, UK

Rainer PAGEL, Germany / UK

Nigel ROLFE, Ireland

Tomáš RULLER, Czech Republic

Joakim STAMPE, Sweden

XIE Rong, UK / China

XI Jianjun, UK / China