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VIVAAR articulates its socio-aesthetic potential through an authentic, site-specific use of public space in the area of the Arsenale and the Giardini, visually engaging with its inhabitants, visitors, unique beauty and open space. This meeting point of the local and the global is framed by an astonishing configuration of squares and piazzettas, streets and bridges, narrow alleys, canals, gardens and oak avenues, and of course the scenic wide and spacious promenades on the lagoon. Add to this the non-visual, intangible sensations of breeze, wind, sun and occasional showers, but also scents and sounds, of something eternal. 

This particular public space and unique urban environment has a patina and a poetry, endowed with both a historical legacy and an innovative contemporaneity that cannot be found elsewhere. A natural environment that is articulate, emotional and intelligent, embodying time and life as one, inspiring and framing VIVAAR with a depth of meaning and significant beauty.