In simple terms, augmented reality is the process of using technology to overlay video, images, text or sound on top of what a person can already see. Until now, smartphones or tablets have been the most common devices to visualise augmented reality and alter the existing vision of reality. However, true AR immersion with an all-encompassing vision is now becoming a reality with a new generation of wearable smart glasses that are predicted to replace the smartphone as a popular consumer device by 2030 (such as the TCL Rayneo XR2). 

VIVAAR aims to accompany this new future and its latest technological developments by highlighting the powerful potential of augmented reality in terms of mobility, ubiquity and outdoor use, through an art form whose authenticity and aura is articulated by the body and the mind. The use of augmented reality by contemporary artists in public space makes VIVAAR an explorer of the new, unleashing the visual and conceptual human potential inherent in this cutting-edge technology.